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The council shall comprise seven (7) elected professional accountants members including the chairperson and the vice-chairperson, and five (4) government-appointed members.
The appointed members shall be The Auditor General (and ex-officio member), one person from the Ministry of Finance, one member from the Ministry of Education (Higher Education), and one member from the Central Bank of Somalia.
The council/board is accountable to the General Assembly and provides strategic leadership and oversight to the PAO to ensure the achievement of objectives and effective operation. It usually approves the PAO’s strategy and general policies and monitors the implementation of that strategy.

Abdullahi Tahlil Aden
Abdullahi Tahlil AdenCHAIRMAN
Burhan Saed Salah
Burhan Saed SalahCEO
Abdirahman Dauud Hussein
Abdirahman Dauud HusseinCouncil Member
Nuh Omar Muse
Nuh Omar MuseCouncil Member
Abdirahman Mohamoud
Abdirahman MohamoudCouncil Member
Bashir Mohamed Warsame
Bashir Mohamed WarsameCouncil Member
Dr. Bashir Hareed
Dr. Bashir HareedCouncil Member
Mohamed Abdi Mohamoud
Mohamed Abdi MohamoudCouncil Member
Burhan Ismaed Hassan
Burhan Ismaed HassanCouncil Member
Yasin Mohamoud Ibar
Yasin Mohamoud IbarPublic Relations Director
Farhan Abdiwali
Farhan AbdiwaliAdmin & Finance Director