Fundamental Objectives of the Institute

Strong, innovative and globally respected professional accountancy organization.

  • To protect the public interest by ensuring the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct of accounting provision is observed in Somalia.

  • To regulate and maintain the standard of accountancy in Somalia.

  • prescribe and regulate the conduct of accountants and practicing accountants in Somalia

  • Promote standards of professional competence and practice among members of the Institute

  • To develop and improve accounting education and set up accounting examination standards.

  • To provide for the licensing of individuals and firms.

  • To Review firms and individual’s compliance with the International Accounting and Auditing Standard

  • To seek public recognition of a broad range of skilled services that professional accountants and accounting technicians can provide.

  • To manage, provide services and promote and protect the interest and the accountancy profession

  • To develop the accountancy profession by carrying out research and publishing results

  • To represent the public interest to legislators and regulators in relation to legislation, regulation, standards, codes and other matters for accountancy and other related areas

  • To set or contribute to ethics, accounting and auditing standard-setting in the country.

  • To take disciplinary measures against members unable to perform their duties and guilty of misconduct

  • To give advice to Government on matters relating to the accounting profession