SICPA will have the following committees

  1. Membership Committee
  2. Technical committee
  • Stakeholder engagement committee
  1. Educational committee
1.    Membership


This menu will have the following sub sections

  1. Benefits
  2. Membership categories
  3. New member registration processes
  4. Licenses application and renewals
  5. Internship Programs
  6. Frequently asked questions
  1. Benefits of SICPA
  • Strengthening the financial system by providing the capacity to comply with Internationally recognized Standards (IFRS, IPSAS, ISA etc) and implementation of robust PFM reforms
  • Monitoring and enforcing Accounting & Auditing Standards through Quality Assurance
  • Provide opportunities to local accountants and auditors
  • Serving as a repository of accountancy and auditing information of the country
  • Leading to strong private sector & more effective revenue collections
  • Improving the international outlook and competitiveness of local businesses
  • Facilitating the attraction of global financial resources & Investment to the country underpinned by high quality financial reporting, transparency, accountability and good governance
  1. Membership Categories
  2. Fellow
  3. Members
  4. Associate
  5. Accounting Technicians
  6. Honorary
  7. Academic Pathway



  1. New member registration process

All Professional accountants living in the country and outside the country who interest to join SICPA and attain its membership should fulfill the following criteria:

(1)        Holds the citizenship of Somalia or permanent residency

(2)        Holds professional accountancy certification (ACCA, CPA, CIMA, CIPFA) recognized by IFAC

(4)        Has good reputation

5) Pays applicable fees as determined by SICPA management

All requests should be addressed to

  1. Licenses and renewals

A person wishing to obtain a certificate of practice shall apply to the council of the institute. Submit your application to